Shanghai reiterates public venue safety fhow much are disney magic bandsollowing fatal accidents

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Shanghai authorities are carrying out citywide safety inspections at all public venues following two accidents that took place within a month.

In one case, a 6-year-old girl was killed by a falling dressing mirror at a clothing outlet in a shopping mall in Shanghai on Dec 8. In the other, a 7-year-old boy was injured by a falling wooden door of a meeting room at a hotel in the city on Dec 22.

According to officials, public places included in the safety checks are hotels, libraries, hospitals and education institutions. The inspections will cover all facilities, decorations and equipment in public areas, such as fire escapes and fire-fighting facilities, interior decorations, electrical wiring and gas pipelines.

Officials said that these accidents demonstrate a lack of safety awareness and regular inspections to identify hazards. They added that as the New Year and Chinese Spring Festival are approaching, the number of public activities as well as temporary installations for promotions will dramatically increase. These factors, along with the severe weather powered by a cold front in winter, will increase the safety risks in the city.

Authorities have urged every workplace to carry out self-inspections regarding safety and display their findings to the public. In addition to safety checks and the maintenance of elements on the exteriors of a building, self-inspections should also be done for interior decorations, especially in venues that are hotspots for New Year celebration, meetings and shopping.

According to the authorities, places where injuries and accidents take place due to a failure to conduct due diligence in safety checks will be punished.

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